Long-term Storage Solutions

Climate controlled long-term storage from moving professionals

Are you moving withing the DMV area or Pennsylvania and need long term storage storage? We offer storage solutions, which will keep your belongings in the condition they were before the move.

Some of the benefits of our storage solutions are:

  • Climate controlled environment
  • Storage vault system
  • Surveillance of the storage areas
  • Safe environment for all type of items

Do you have sensitive items, which show be kept safe long term? Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place! Call us now at 800-617-6511

Top Moving and Storage is an experiences long term indoor storage provider for all kinds of items. We are a fully bonded, insured and licensed provider so that you can rest assure you are trusting the right people for the job.

Indoor long term furniture storage rental

The longer your belongings remain in storage, the more important it is to be located in a safe environment. Our storage rental facilities provide protection from theft, because there is constant surveillance on the premises. On top of that the climate in the storage rentals is controlled to keep furniture and boxes in perfect condition.

Do you have questions regarding pricing, climate conditions in the long term furniture storage facilities or any other question? We will be glad to answer . Simply call us at 800-617-6511 or get your free moving quote today!

Storage-in-transit (SIT) services

It is very frequent that, when moving to a new location, you may need so called Storage-in-transit service (otherwise known as SIT). Generally that happens when you need some more time to arrange everything in your new home or office before moving in all of your belongings and equipment. That’s why we offer an affordable, convenient and secure way of keeping your items secure for the short or long term before you are ready to accept them.

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